ViVA and Buganda Land Board complete Grand Launch of the Land Electronic Card System

On February 24th, ViVA International along with the Buganda Land Board and technology partner World Compliance Technologies announced the Grand Launch of the Land Electronic Card system in the Kingdom of the Buganda.  The LE-Card provides secure biometric verification of identify for leaseholders and landowners, which is the enabling technology that will provide better tenure security for the estimated one million property owners in the Kingdom.

The Grand Launch event was held at the Serena Hotel in Kampala.  The event was attended by over 125 guests, including the Kattikiro (Prime Minister) and the Prince of Buganda, as well as key management from the Buganda Land Board and a number of Buganda and Uganda government officials.  At the event, we successfully performed a live demonstration of the palm-vein security feature for the audience. 

The ceremony marks the official opening of a new new high volume service center to serve the population of Buganda, and the acceptance of the LE-Card system as the system of record by the Buganda Land Board.  The new service center is located at the Muganzirwazza Mall in downtown Kampala.  Viva hired an additional eight local staff members to operate the service center.