Project Identification

We work with strong technology partners around the world to identify clear and compelling needs for land management, property rights, valuation, and taxation.  Often, the host government does not have the available budget or in some cases the institutional capacity or infrastructure to design and implement the solution.

Project design

We establish a working team with the government stakeholders, our technology partner, and our own international project management experts to clarify requirements and design a project concept.


Project structuring

Once the concept and technical requirements are confirmed and agreed, we overlay a financial model based on the anticipated number and type of transactions the new or improved service will support.  With a transparent service and transaction-based financial model, we negotiate a revenue share and governance model with the sponsoring government entity, depending on their unique situation.  We can form a Public Private Partnership with joint investment, or even fund 100% of a project through a direct concession agreement.  Projects typically are 10-15 year build-operate-transfer or similar agreements.

project implementation

ViVA projects rely heavily on local talent and resources.  We establish a local project company, hire local staff, and run our project as a local entity.  Because we are not tied to the operational rules of a national aid agency or a development bank, we are free to recruit the best local resources at market rates, ensuring we get the best talent for the right price.  Our projects help the local economy as well as the governments we serve.  Our motivation is to deliver new systems and services quickly and with high quality, so our government customers increase revenue generation while improving their reputation and trust with their constituents.  The people benefit from improved government services, and our private sector investors make a reasonable return and therefore continue to invest in these critical initiatives.